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Whether it’s to mark an anniversary, birthday, baby shower or wedding or you’re searching for a personalised gift for someone you love, LOCK-IT is the perfect keepsake. Plus, you can add to it or change it up whenever you like to celebrate or commemorate new milestones.

Distinctive and individual, LOCK-IT will capture the heart of anyone who wears it and will be cherished by anyone who receives it.


Working close with nature, Sh’Zen believes that nature has the answer to all our beauty needs. We recognise the healing and regenerative potential inherent in nature, and by harnessing these energies in our beauty products, we hope to extend the gifts that nature offers to you.
Active essential plant, nut and seed oils and concentrated essences all contain regenerative and reparative qualities.

Working with a top cosmetic scientist and clinical aromatherapist, we expertly combine and synergise ingredients for optimum affinity with your skin.
We know that plant energies promote our inner vitality and outer radiance – inwardly by uplifting our emotions and psyche, and outwardly by penetrating deep into our skin to repair and rejuvenate tissue on the cellular level.
With our expertise in cosmetic science, aromatherapy and phytotherapy, you can be assured that when your buy or sell one of our products, each and every one has been formulated with the finest ingredients sourced from all over the world, carefully selected and crafted with the utmost care and love into a one-of-a-kind product.



The Love Collection speaks to the sentiments in your heart. Each piece is designed as a lovely delicate piece of jewellery ready for everyday wear and packaged into a story card.

MISU is the perfect gift for anyone you hold close to your heart.  Get your favourite piece for your favourite person ️


Feeling a need for harmony? Our wide variety of Harmony Pendants will add a sense of tranquillity to your wardrobe. Find original and eternal jewellery.


The SUNSKIN sunscreens are formulated for all ages, all skin types and all skin colours.

FACTS about SUNSKIN sunscreen

No animal products are used in the products.

The SUNSKIN range consists of  * SPF 30, *SPF 50,
*Clear Spray SPF50 (October/ Nov 2013)

Always apply sunscreen 30 minutes before activities / sun exposure. That ensures the absorption of the sunscreen and efficacy.

Always re-apply sunscreen (useful to apply every 1h30 to
2 hours). SUNSKIN is water resistant, not waterproof.
The SPF is indicative to the protection against the UVB rays (it causes the burning/colouring) and time spent in the sun.  Example: SPF 30, if it takes a person 10 minutes to change colour in the sun: 10 min x SPF 30 = 300 minutes. That is the time you’re allowed in the sun with protection. On the condition you don’t sweat, towel …!
Shelf life: unopened is 24 months. Opened, is 12 months. Keep in a cool place
The base of the SUNSKIN sunscreen is vegetable wax


The sunscreen filters are organic. It consists of Carbon chains that absorbs the UV-rays (energy) and divert it into heat. Therefore neutralises the UV rays. SUNSKIN uses modern SA, European and USA approved UV filters to neutralise the UVB (burning) and UVA (ageing) rays.


The sunscreens are stable to offer reliable protection.

The stabilizers in SUNSKIN are used to prevent these filters from becoming free radicals.