Looking for a unique gift or a special piece of jewellery? Something that nobody else will have… LOCK-IT creates bespoke glass & stainless steel lockets for necklaces, bracelets, keyrings and broaches that you fill with special miniature charms for any occasion. You have the fun in choosing your own locket and the charms to conjure a magical one-off piece that will forever remain special.

Our range offers endless combinations, ensuring that your LOCK-IT will be one- of- a-kind. Pick from a host of shapes, whatever takes your fancy—and then fill it with memories and moments. Charms include birthstones, letters, names and fabulous fashion items either to place inside your locket or dangle on the chain. Shiny or matte, plain or pretty, glamorous or funky, sassy or sexy, we have a charm for you. Each LOCK-IT tells your special story.

Whether it’s to mark an anniversary, birthday, baby shower or wedding or you’re searching for a pesonalised gift for someone you love, LOCK-IT is the perfect keepsake. Plus, you can add to it or change it up whenever you like to celebrate or commemorate new milestones.

Distinctive and individual, LOCK-IT will capture the heart of anyone who wears it and will be cherished by anyone who receives it.